Getting Things Done

Sorry, I missed posting Thursday and Friday. Thursday I spend the entire day at the old subdivision with my partner. I called technical support for GAMLS and managed to get my listings uploaded. Diana meanwhile was working on the builders program and trying to get things straightened out on those contracts. Then one of the buyers for that subdivision came in to discuss their house. Their house is supposed to be closing next week and it is not ready. They spent about 1 1/2 – 2 hours sitting there discussing the same things over and over–while I wished they would just leave so we could get things done. Repeating a problem over and over does not make things better. I know, I have been doing that this entire week. Another buyer had called Diana saying her house had the wrong color siding and the wrong color paint inside. We drove down to check. Sorry miss buyer but the siding is the color you chose and the inside has not been painted yet. The color you are seeing is primer. And that is why you let the builder finish before you have a fit.

Yesterday, I had the entire day off. Spent the morning getting caught up on some much needed housework and then went into Atlanta to hang out with my kids.

Today is my day off but I will be showing homes at 11:00. If they want to write a contract I will get that done but then I am heading into Atlanta again.