Today I moved my license to a new broker. Not because I made this big decision by interviewing different brokers to see what they offered. Not because I was looking for change. The only reason I made this move was to secure my position with the builders I represent. I would never had made the move I did without careful consideration and without protecting my interests. Unfortunately the builders don’t think about what it means to the realtor. I believe the builders have no clue what it means to us.

I am not complaining about the move. It is something I had thought about several times, but I had to stay with the company the builders’ chose or move on to another builder or give up on builders entirely. I think if I could do things all over I would give up builders for good. Don’t get me wrong, I like selling new homes and I really think the builders are building a great product with great prices. The problem is, builders ask agents to represent them and sell their homes. Then they ask for our expertise–but they never like what we have to say so they look for someone who will tell them what they want to hear.

Here’s what the builders don’t know. When I move my license from one broker to another, I have to sign a contact with the new broker which isn’t the “deal” I was hoping to sign. Commission splits change, procedures change, how I get paid changes. But here is the worst part. The old broker does not have to pay me for anything under contract at the time of my departure. Hmmmm. I have 9 contracts with the builders and 7 outside sales. Do you realize how much money is on the table? Did the builder ask me? No!!! Luckily for me the broker is not holding back my commissions. I will still get paid. However, this move is costing me the price of one commission because I will have to pay a franchise fee on all my outside sales now that I am with another company. Can you imagine walking away from $1200. just because someone else made a decision to change companies? Do you think I want to leave all that money behind? Oh no. I’m doing it because the subdivision I am selling in right now is selling so fast I believe I can make about 50 times that over the next 6 months. That does not include my outside sales. So, it’s leave $1200. on the table but make 50 times that or keep the $1200. but lose the 50 times that. I work for money. I’m staying with the money.

My new broker seems very nice–I’ll let you know if she isn’t. She isn’t the broker I would have chose but who knows, it may all work out yet.