Finally Done For the Day

Had a very busy day. I left early to pick up a gift card and drop it off to the agent at another subdivision, then headed off to Kinridge. Wouldn’t you know I missed my turn and ended up going around in a circle. I know, I should not be talking on the phone if I don’t know where I am going, but I thought I knew. I guess I should have used my gps.

Finalized two contracts at the subdivision, wrote another, sent a counter offer on my listing and even managed to finalize an amendment that had to be taken care of today.

I arrived home about my usual time and checked my email–which is what I do–because you never know what has been sent while driving home. One of the builders asked me to please get signatures on the two contracts that were verbally accepted–tonight!  ????????? Really?? I immediately email the other agents with this urgent request, eat dinner and run back to the computer. About 9:00 I receive a call from one of the agents who is frantically working to get the signatures for me. What a doll. 11:00 pm and I just received one of the contracts and emailed them to the builder. One out of two is 50% complete!

I’m going to bed. Tomorrow will come too quickly.


A New Day for This Realtor

I woke up this morning thinking I would have a nice leisurely breakfast, relax a little, and maybe get some laundry done before I head out to the subdivision. As my thoughts run through my head, I remember I have not picked up a gift card for a homeowner who has been gracious enough to open her home several times to potential buyers. So much for my relaxing morning. I am now currently rushing through my coffee so I can jump in the shower and get ready. And so the day has begun!