Are You Looking for a Home?


Looking for a home today is so different from the days when we first obtained our real estate licenses. There was no internet back then. Everything was print ads or in a book. That’s right, the multiple listing server was in a book and there were no pictures. We actually had to read the description. Print ads did often provide pictures but just the front view of the home. We counted highly on written descriptions.

Today we have so many websites to visit to find a home. The biggest problem with that is accuracy. Some websites do not update daily.  Surprisingly some update on a weekly or monthly basis. In addition to the multitude of websites that feature all the homes for sale, buyers have access to all kind of information that may or may not be true. Or it might be true in one state but not in another. The internet can be a help and it can be a hinderance. We have found less people trust us (real estate agents/REALTORS®). They believe what they read on the internet or what their friends and family tell them. Recently we had a buyer tell us that their parents did not have to do something (something that today is required) when they bought a home. Well it happens their parents bought a home more than 30 years ago. The entire process has changed in 30 years so, it might be best to listen to someone who has had recent experience in the industry. Lending rules and guidelines change constantly and relying on someone who obtained a loan even 3 years ago could lead you in the wrong direction.

4439276478_8bb7a50ab8_qWe would like to meet to explain to our buyers the process–it rarely happens but, when someone takes the time to let us explain how things work–we have a much smoother transaction. Most people think looking at homes and then “picking” one is pretty much it. If only that was the case. Looking at homes is the easy part. It is all the things in between that can become frustrating. In fact, looking for the home can also become frustrating. We have discovered, finding that home is like finding your wedding dress. Once you find it, STOP looking. Seriously, you will always find something you like. The problem with that is when do you stop? How do you stop? How much time do you have? Don’t waste it.


Once you find a home, make your offer. Not that you have to “jump” but, don’t wait to see some more and then find the one you really liked was bought by someone else. Or don’t wait until your favorite has another offer and then you are in a bidding war. We know this is not easy but, we firmly believe a pre-showing consultation with your REALTOR® will help you make decisions that will place you in your dream home. This is your dream and we want to make it happen. Trust us and we will find your dream home