Time Flies When You Are Selling Homes!

I started today by going to the gym. I joined the gym just about a month ago and decided I needed help, so I hired a trainer. I worked with him two times last week and was pretty confident I could do this by myself. This morning was my first time alone. I did most everything but I just could not remember how to do one of the exercises. I made up for it by doing some cardio for 40 minutes. I think that is a very fair pay off.

I worked at the subdivision again today and it was relatively quiet. One of the buyers’ who verbally accepted an offer yesterday stopped in to pick up the contract (because he did not have a printer) and took it with him to have the co-buyer sign. That is coming back tomorrow. I re-entered a contract in the program the builder uses for production. Somehow we (me and my partner) deleted the entire contract the other day. I was very lucky the program ran smoothly and I had it done in only minutes. Yay!! That is a true miracle.

The counter offer on my listing is being totally ignored by the buyer??? Whatever. Get this, a buyer makes a $15,000. deduction in the list price and will not respond when my seller counters at $7,000. more. Really? The best part of this is that the house is only $69,000. listing. Most sellers would have been insulted at the offer and totally ignored them. Oh well. It’s only been listed for a few days I think we will hang in there.

We just found out one of our buyers won a “highest and best” offer and today we are told the bank does not have title and the home is being taken off the market until it is straightened out. OMG! I shouldn’t complain. Last year I had a buyer wait 6 months for the bank to finally get the title. I have a buyer right now who has had to extend for 2 months waiting for the title. At least this bank is telling us up front.

Another buyer asked me to “shop” attorneys today for the lowest closing costs. It’s a first for me. In 15 years I have never had to do that one.

Looks like I’ll be meeting a buyer out at Brookmont to check out the lots, then showing another buyer a home later in the afternoon. All this after a sales meeting with our new broker.