A Great Time To Sell

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It is still a sellers market and with Spring in the air, this is a great time to get your home ready to sell. Preparing your home to sell may not require a lot of work. Provided you have kept up with basic maintenance, your house may only need a good cleaning, some purging and most importantly curb appeal.  Curb appeal is what temps the buyer to enter the home. This is not a joke. I have seriously taken clients to a home only to have them change their mind in the driveway. Though you may think it is not a good idea to judge a book by its cover, some people do. And for that very reason, you want to invite them in, with your curb appeal.

Purging is required to make sure the prospective buyer does not come in and think there is no room for their stuff. Let me give you an idea what I mean by that. Let’s say the kitchen countertop is covered with: coffee maker, blender, toaster, mixer, bread box. . . That may be an indication that there is not enough cabinet space to store things. It also takes from the countertop space. In addition, if you have excessive furniture, remove some items to enhance the size of the room. Don’t let your closets be so over filled that items fall out when the buyer opens the door–and they do look.

Nothing says no better than a dirty house. The buyer does not want to come in to clean behind the seller. A clean house shows so much better and comforts the buyer. Knowing they are buying from someone who is clean assures them the seller is not leaving years of dirt and grime, odors and maybe some hidden mold or mildew. So make sure even the windows are clean, the fans and AC vents.

Let’s suppose you do have some maintenance issues. Address them before putting the house on the market. It just makes things easier for all parties. You may need some shingles replaced but the buyer will think you need to replace the entire roof. Maybe you had a leak and repaired it but, you never covered the damaged wall/ceiling/floor. Or maybe you did it yourself and it looks just like you did it yourself. It may have been good enough for you while you lived there but, it will be a red flag for the buyer. This just makes the buyer think there is still an issue.

Make sure to have a plan. Homes are selling quickly. Where are you going? Will you know what to do if your house sells the first week? Keep in mind everything is relative. What goes quickly in Atlanta may not go so quickly in Carrollton or Locust Grove. However, houses are selling in record time. Buyers are out there and they need to find a home, will it be yours? Call for a free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) today.

Mary Lesh 678-619-9688 or Diana Stowe 678-414-6414 Or you may email us at mary.lesh@evusa.com or diana.stowe@evusa.com


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