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I met a new neighbor the other day and she was telling me how she sold her home in Florida. She was very upset with her agent because her agent was not bringing buyers to view her home. This woman said, “She kept sending other agents out to see the house.” She thought the agent was pushing her job off on other people.

I am sure most people know that when they list their house, their agent is not going to be the one bringing all the buyers to see their home. This post is for those who really do not understand how the listing agent works.

Let me start by saying, I wish I had a buyer for every home I listed so I never had to advertise, list in the multiple listing servers nor share the commission with another agent. While working with both sides is double the work it is a lot easier to do all the work on one listing.

Should you decide to sell your home and you also decide to use the services of a Realtor or Real Estate Agent, be assured other agents will visit your home with buyers. Besides the preliminary work–preparing a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) to determine a list price, gathering all the information for the MLS systems, preparing the listing agreement, scheduling pictures, marketing. . . the agent is thinking of all his/her buyers who might be interested in that particular property. This agent is probably already working with several other sellers and several buyers.

Once the home is listed the agent will have all the paperwork sent in to the mls systems to advertise, make flyers, put a lockbox on the door, put a sign up and start calling, emailing, e-blasting the listing to all friends and associates. The agent will be monitoring all activity to determine that the home had been priced right and to decide if the marketing needs modifying. The agent also may be planning an agent luncheon and/or open house. Some agents will send weekly reports showing the activity.

I just wanted to bring this to your attention if you did not know how this worked. I begin to post some typical duties of the real estate agent.


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